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5 things I would tell my 21 year old self

18 Nov

If I could somehow tell my 21 year old self, I would totally tell them these below to guide myself in the right direction. 

Let’s be honest here, I was an idiot and focused on many things that were so foolish!

  1. Grow in my relationship with God.  I feel with this most of these on the list would have followed naturally.
  2. Be humble – focus less on myself and focus more on others
  3. Focus more on building friendships that last, and not materialistic items or boyfriends for that matter.  I realize now how important it is to have a good network of good people in your life.
  4. Branch out and learned more.  I just focused on school and the extracurricular activities that went along with school.  I needed to learn more “real world” things as that would have been more beneficial to me now.
  5. Stop comparing myself to others.  I always compared myself to others, and I could only see their highlight reel for their life.  I needed to realize no one is that perfect and no one is always happy.

I know that these are just wisdom that I have gained over the few years, and I am glad that I have seen the changes and maturity over the years.  It is just weird to look at life in a different light and what mattered to me so much before, they don’t matter so much anymore.  There are other things that are more important than the worldly items this world tempts one with.