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thankfulness – week 4

27 Nov

Wow! November literally flew past me, since Thanksgiving is this week! So here’s to the last week of thankfulness for the month.

Weeks 4 thankfulness:

  • Sleep – I never realized how grateful it is to be able to rest and sleep until how tired I am. It is just amazing how we can recharge after an exhausting day and just rest.
  • Water – As I turn on the heat in the house, I haven’t realized how dehydrated and thirsty I have been. It is nice to have the necessities you don’t think about, such as running, drinkable water.
  • Vacuum – Since I have allergies, a vacuum is a wonderful appliance to have. Also it combats the German Shepherd shedding. Who knew a dust sucker would do such wonders in relieving allergies.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! Remember what you have and be grateful for them.