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Covenant of Marriage

3 Dec

Forth session of premarital counseling – complete! This one was still pretty basic in terms of really digging in what marriage actually means. These are so important that many look over them and forget. Our marriage mentors so far have really enjoyed these, since the premarital counseling is reminding them the reasons they got married in the first place.

So a covenant is a promise. Many times, I hear people talk about marriage as more contractual than a promise. A covenant involves a sign or symbol to remember and celebrate the exchange, which for a marriage are the rings, unity candles, and gifts. In order to keep covenant with one another, we need to continuously grow in understanding of God and how he keeps his covenant with us. By nature, marriage is full of sinfulness, where marriage should be full of genuine repentance and forgiveness only by His grace. If we want to keep our marriage covenant, we need to continuously learn and grow in the grace of God.