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thankfulness – week 3

19 Nov

I cannot believe November is more than halfway over. The holiday season is moving fast! I did assemble the Christmas tree yesterday. It makes it feel more like Christmas – at least in Texas.

Weeks 3 thankfulness:

  • Technology – we take these for granted sometimes and make it our priority sometimes too.  The good on technology is the communication aspect that allows people to connect with one another easier.  I can’t even imagine not having the technologies we have today.  My mom’s side of the family is all over the world, so it does make a huge difference.
  • Lotion – my hands get so dry especially in the winter, so I am extremely thankful to have some relief from that tight, uncomfortable feeling.
  • Friends – I don’t think I realize how important friendships are when I was younger.  I know in college, they always stressed the importance of creating a network of people that you can rely on later.  They were correct, friends are so important to have.  Especially when your family isn’t close, it is nice to have others that you can rely on and someone to reciprocate that back to.