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Becoming a Husband and a Wife

7 Dec

It is the fifth session of premarital counseling!  So I am a little behind on these postings, but that is okay because I can catch up on them since it is the icemageddon of DFW right now.  I am going through cabin fever and working from home on a weekend…something I never do.

According to a local news station map, this is what DFW looks like right now.  Yup – not leaving the house.


So fifth session or premarital counseling was about how to become a husband and a wife.  We split up with our marriage mentors here to discuss individually on husband and wife things.  I feel like we both got something good from it and this is the start of actually discussing marriage itself.

In becoming a husband and wife, the roles have already been defined by God.  There isn’t a need to try and define them.

The husband’s role is an assignment of serious and eternal weight.  A husband is called to give himself for his bride, the same way Jesus did for His bride.  Through this type of love, a husband is slowly learning to love his wife by paying close attention to her words and receive her thoughts with thanksgiving.

The wife’s role is to submit to their husband.  It isn’t the same submission as what society thinks as a whole, but rather the same submission as husband to Christ.  This is to show the world what the relationship between Christ and His church is like.  This is important since wives are called to honor and respect their husband, as their husband honor and respect Christ.  This helps paint a picture of marriage of the invisible picture of Christ and His church.