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thankfulness – week 2

12 Nov

So last week, I posted on thankfulness and stated that I will continually post weekly on what I was significantly thankful for the past week.

I am thankful for:

    • Texas A&M – this is where I attended college and having graduated from here has given me numerous opportunities in my career and the friendships made here.  I went back to watch the last home game at Kyle Field before the redevelopment.  I haven’t attended a football game since I was in college, and it was so refreshing and bittersweet.
    • family – without my family I wouldn’t be where I am today.  Both my parents have helped me through so much.  Also, I am excited to get married next year and get another set of parents!  They have been so sweet and I love them already.
    • Berkley – she is my 11 month old German Shepherd.  I love her so much and she offers so much excitement and companionship in my life right now.  As she is maturing, she is becoming more and more loving and giving.
    • a place to call home – this is something that is so simple and basic to human needs, but I am thankful for a place to call home, to have shelter to protect me from the weather, a place to sleep, etc.  This is something that I take for granted, since I never had to worry about a nice warm bed at night.

As I am posting this, it makes me think about all that has been provided for me and I don’t give enough gratitude.  This is encouragement for me to continue to focus on this more past this season of thankfulness.