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content with change

26 Oct

It is weird how change is something that you don’t realize happens over time. When you mature, you change. It is just something that happens to where you know you changed but you don’t necessarily know it. On the other hand, there is the more easily identified change, such as a new job or going to college. Big changes in life.

I have been pondering a lot lately on how much I have changed in the past year. It is true – you become a new version of yourself when you are a saved. Over the past year, I realized that I have become less materialistic, find ways to glorify the Lord, content with where I am, less worried about what the future brings and focus on today, etc. It has been an absolute blessing for me to realize these changes now.

A year ago, I was focused on chasing boys, the next party, what to wear, what brands to wear, what car I should be driving, etc. All those pointed back to one direction: myself. And even though I mostly got everything that I wanted, it is funny how I was never truly content or happy with my life. I don’t even think I really knew that I wasn’t truly happy. I was just focused on things that didn’t matter.

Now as I walk further with God, I come to realize those things don’t matter because he provides. He places me where I should be and I shouldn’t have to worry. When I focus on Him, all those worldly concerns seems to subside and seem small.

This is the change I have seen over the year and I cannot be more blessed or more joyful in this. Some people have left my life slowly as I become a different person and some people have come into my life because of this.