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Foundation for Marriage

13 Nov

So I am engaged and right now my fiance and I are going through premarital counseling.  Yesterday was the first session with our marriage mentors.  We have an aggressive schedule to complete premarital counseling, so I thought it would be a good idea to document what I take away from the sessions and what I have learned.

Yesterday’s session was very general and good.  Our marriage mentors are also our home group leaders, which helps since they know our testimony and how we are, so it lessens that initial awkward stage.

  1. Our background and family life – Where we come from can shape our outlook on life and marriage.  The more we talked, the more we all realized how many broken marriages there are and how many marriages aren’t really a marriage at all.  The focus that was once there dwindles with time and it is until the two are divorced or are essentially putting up with one another.  This is something my fiance and I don’t want, and this is why premarital counseling is a sweet time to see and talk about these early on to set that foundation.
  2. Priorities – Making sure we have our priorities correct – God, husband/wife, children in that order.  We reflected on our parents and saw how the focus of work or children will tend to consume the person so they lose focus on what is important.  We talked about how the typical working husband today provides and puts dinner on the table, but doesn’t provide in other ways that are important such as: spiritual leadership, continually focus and love his wife, etc.  These are the things that will hold together a marriage and they are the ones that are easily forgotten about.
  3. Direction – Making sure that we are going in the same direction in the future; otherwise, we won’t be able to avoid big conflicts.  This was one that my fiance and I easily agreed on, since we want the same goals in life, but it was stressed to figure this out before getting married.
  4. Marriage is a mirror image of the God and church – It is so simple: marriage is a symbol of God and his church, and yet, it is so complex.  To me I took away this:  Be selfless, always give, and please my future husband in the most Godly way I can.  This is so simple, but so hard.  We are made to be selfish and sinful, and I continually have to compromise what I want to ensure that I am being selfless.  Of course, it is said that the husband does the same – to be selfless and giving.
  5. Focus on God – This is so important, since there is so much going on with life all the time that it is so easy to leave Him to the wayside and make him the last priority.  This is a constant struggle for most.  This is why my fiance and I need to keep one another accountable to make sure we focus on Him.  When you focus on Him, he will give you the desires of your heart.

This was a good first session as it laid the foundation to what a successful Christian marriage is all about before we dive into the smaller, but still important topics.


thankfulness – week 2

12 Nov

So last week, I posted on thankfulness and stated that I will continually post weekly on what I was significantly thankful for the past week.

I am thankful for:

    • Texas A&M – this is where I attended college and having graduated from here has given me numerous opportunities in my career and the friendships made here.  I went back to watch the last home game at Kyle Field before the redevelopment.  I haven’t attended a football game since I was in college, and it was so refreshing and bittersweet.
    • family – without my family I wouldn’t be where I am today.  Both my parents have helped me through so much.  Also, I am excited to get married next year and get another set of parents!  They have been so sweet and I love them already.
    • Berkley – she is my 11 month old German Shepherd.  I love her so much and she offers so much excitement and companionship in my life right now.  As she is maturing, she is becoming more and more loving and giving.
    • a place to call home – this is something that is so simple and basic to human needs, but I am thankful for a place to call home, to have shelter to protect me from the weather, a place to sleep, etc.  This is something that I take for granted, since I never had to worry about a nice warm bed at night.

As I am posting this, it makes me think about all that has been provided for me and I don’t give enough gratitude.  This is encouragement for me to continue to focus on this more past this season of thankfulness.