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Reality Facebook TV

29 Jan

“Disappointed in Facebook tonight” is a real status I saw tonight.

This status caught me off guard. As being in my mid-twenties, and most of my “Facebook friends” are around the same age, the statuses I see are slightly more meaningful. Most friends are starting families, getting higher education, fulfilling career goals, etc.

I feel that putting your happiness in Facebook will always lead to disappointment. There will be others that you’ll be jealous of: they are where you want to be in life, they are on a nice warm beach vacationing while you’re stuck at the office, they got a cushy new car, etc. Facebook is the highlight reel of all the good things in people’s lives. No one is sitting in bed taking selfies of themselves depressed.

Facebook is almost the reality TV of people you know. As most people have a few friends that are more acquaintances on there. You see their highlight reel and you either think you’re better or you judge them for not being good enough.

I’m equally as convicted for this and I consistently need to remind myself that no one is perfect, and to not place my faith in Facebook as it is deceitful.


The Facebook Life

11 Nov

Oh the Facebook life.  The life where everything is wonderful and perfect all the time.  Things just aren’t always as glamorous as they seem on the surface.  

Some of the people I know on Facebook has such fabulous lives.  They are either excelling at a wonderful career, they are happily married, or living that yuppie party lifestyle.  There are a few lost ones that are always complaining about how miserable their lives are and to pray for them, but majority of the ones on Facebook hide behind this Facebook life.  

Before I really meant what it was to be saved by Jesus, I took Facebook so seriously and how it dictated how I would feel.  I would see someone post something good and I would wonder, “How did she manage to get engaged before me?” or “How did they afford that?”.  I was bitter and not totally happy with myself even though I had a good paying job and everything else that I needed.  But looking back, I did the same thing – “Just got my BMW washed!”  Hoping to get some “likes” to make myself feel better with that temporary Facebook happiness.  While I made my life appear all glamorous, because I never showed the negative side; I was a continually disappointed and not truly happy. 

My friend, C, she reminds me of how I was a year ago.  She posted on Facebook, “This morning I threw away a Macbook, dolce & gabbana sunglasses, Kate Spade iPad cover, sperrys and Steve Madden shoes. It just goes to show how silly it is to put so much emphasis on material things that will end up break and leaving you dissatisfied. Own your things, don’t let them own you!”  I was happy she realized this.  I have moved away from placing emphasis on worldly things and it has greatly changed my outlook.  I am much happier and content.  I have placed more emphasis on Jesus and my salvation.  I think less selfishly and I try to be more giving and helpful.  I have placed my faith in Him and it has been so refreshing!