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Sex is a Wedding Gift

26 Feb

So a friend of mine was questioning my stance on sex before marriage, which turned into him saying – well sex is just sex.

Through this conversation, he mentions that most Christians are prude and don’t have sex. Funny things is that happens before marriage and after marriage the bible states in Genesis 9:7 “And you, be fruitful and multiply, increase on the earth multiply in it.” Sex is a gift from God for married men and women. Upon marriage, man and women will become one flesh. You are giving yourself to your husband/wife fully.

Having sex outside the confines of marriage is through your selfish desires. You are using someone else’s future spouse to fulfill your lust. This sounds brutal, but it is so true. You wouldn’t want your future spouse to use or be used.

I saw a quote yesterday and felt it was perfect.

Lust can’t wait to get. Love can’t wait to give.

Through lust and selfish desires, you give into the worldly fleshly desires. Marriage is about giving to one another and sex is another form of giving.

Wait until marriage and avoid sexual immortality. It will prevent so much hurt and brokenness when we use what God’s gift was intended for.


Conviction to Make Time

6 Feb

I really cannot believe that January flew past me.  This year is flying and I haven’t done much of anything besides working and going. 

What I have realized is, I haven’t been really digging into the Word and not spending the time I need to.  I almost feel like it is like working out – the more I work out, the more I want to do it; and when I stop working out, I never want to start or make excuses for why I can’t work out. 

I am now consciously making time to spend daily by reading Scripture, book series, or listening to a podcast.  Matt and I were reflecting on when we were in Dallas and we were attending a young adults ministry and how that extra hour of listening to the word and feeling the conviction allowed more accountability to leading us to continue to search for more.  Feeling this conviction of not spending the time to spend daily in His Word, we decided we wanted to check out a new young adults ministry closer to us now.  Just trying something new and hoping to get to know more people we can grow in fellowship with.

Reality Facebook TV

29 Jan

“Disappointed in Facebook tonight” is a real status I saw tonight.

This status caught me off guard. As being in my mid-twenties, and most of my “Facebook friends” are around the same age, the statuses I see are slightly more meaningful. Most friends are starting families, getting higher education, fulfilling career goals, etc.

I feel that putting your happiness in Facebook will always lead to disappointment. There will be others that you’ll be jealous of: they are where you want to be in life, they are on a nice warm beach vacationing while you’re stuck at the office, they got a cushy new car, etc. Facebook is the highlight reel of all the good things in people’s lives. No one is sitting in bed taking selfies of themselves depressed.

Facebook is almost the reality TV of people you know. As most people have a few friends that are more acquaintances on there. You see their highlight reel and you either think you’re better or you judge them for not being good enough.

I’m equally as convicted for this and I consistently need to remind myself that no one is perfect, and to not place my faith in Facebook as it is deceitful.

“The heart of the problem is the problem of the heart”

19 Dec

So I have been slacking lately on blogging.  I have been so busy at work lately that it is interfering with my home life.  I have missed home group for the past two weeks now due to work events, and I have had to work from home some.  It has been hectic due to a team member being on vacation for 3 weeks.  

Due to this, I have been the biggest baby!  I am achey and the biggest complainer.  With this, I have been extremely selfish and I haven’t been fighting fair.  

So through the course of premarital, we went through session six and seven on understanding and resolving marriage conflict biblically.  These two lessons really shined light on how selfish we really are.  In every relationship, there will be conflict whether big or small.  In marriage, two sinner are joined together and the reasons for disagreements is our hearts.  I have learned that those disagreements starts with our heart.  We are more into our own passions and desires than for God’s; thus in turn selfishness.  Whatever rules our hearts will rule our lives.  Only through grace will we overcome those worldly desires.  When our hearts are in the correct place, marriage will be in the correct place to represent Christ and the Church.  

Resolving marriage conflict biblically is done through repentance and forgiveness.  Continually I have to remind myself to be more patient as I have to be more selfless.  I have to remind myself to be more giving and loving, and not worry about the petty things that we tend to bicker about.  Marriage is a journey and is to be enjoyed more over time.  Marriage is about repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation, as much it is about the love and enjoyment you have with your spouse or significant other.  Marriage takes work and the work of our hearts to be in the right place. 

“The heart of the problem is the problem of the heart” 

I love that quote.  I got this from the church and it makes so much sense.  This is a good way to remind myself that I always need to check myself and I need accountability. 

A different perspective

10 Dec

So most of us are always worried about ourselves.  We sit in traffic and we are get frustrated at everyone in our way.  We wait in line at the grocery store or somewhere else, and we ask ourselves – Why are all these people in front of me?

We are very self-centered people and we are always looking at things in our own perspective.  How can it be easier on me?  What is in it for me?  How will that affect me?  The list can go on and on.  If we take things in a new perspective and stop focusing on ourselves, we automatically become more selfless and giving.  We have a better attitude on the way the world is and how the world treats us.  For example, instead of viewing the car who just cut you off in the middle of rush-hour traffic, impeding you to go home 5 seconds faster, maybe he has a sick child he is trying to pick up from school or daycare, with more reasons to move through the traffic faster than you.  

The world around us is about perspective, the less focused on the idea of self we are, the less frustrated and maddening we will become.  

Becoming a Husband and a Wife

7 Dec

It is the fifth session of premarital counseling!  So I am a little behind on these postings, but that is okay because I can catch up on them since it is the icemageddon of DFW right now.  I am going through cabin fever and working from home on a weekend…something I never do.

According to a local news station map, this is what DFW looks like right now.  Yup – not leaving the house.


So fifth session or premarital counseling was about how to become a husband and a wife.  We split up with our marriage mentors here to discuss individually on husband and wife things.  I feel like we both got something good from it and this is the start of actually discussing marriage itself.

In becoming a husband and wife, the roles have already been defined by God.  There isn’t a need to try and define them.

The husband’s role is an assignment of serious and eternal weight.  A husband is called to give himself for his bride, the same way Jesus did for His bride.  Through this type of love, a husband is slowly learning to love his wife by paying close attention to her words and receive her thoughts with thanksgiving.

The wife’s role is to submit to their husband.  It isn’t the same submission as what society thinks as a whole, but rather the same submission as husband to Christ.  This is to show the world what the relationship between Christ and His church is like.  This is important since wives are called to honor and respect their husband, as their husband honor and respect Christ.  This helps paint a picture of marriage of the invisible picture of Christ and His church.

Pinterest Addiction

5 Dec

Okay I admit it – I am addicted to Pinterest. It’s so full of good recipes and ideas that you can see pictures of before you try the project.

With that said, I’ll share a few of my favorites!

Cheesy Chicken Enchilada
This was awesome! My fiancé and my home group leaders loved it so much. It is easy to make and it’s so full of flavor.

Pie Crust
I was tasked with making chocolate pie for Thanksgiving this year. I haven’t made a pie before…so I did a lot of Pinterest-ing. I found that this (after a few failed attempts) was the best recipe for pie crust! Here is the chocolate pie filling I used. I tried the pie crust recipe, but it didn’t work out so well…

As for non-food and recipes, we framed our builder grade mirrors with this tutorial . The mirrors turned out awesome! We only have the master bath left to complete.

Here’s a picture of our handy work! Not the best picture, but proof the Pinterest project wasn’t a fail!