Pinterest Addiction

5 Dec

Okay I admit it – I am addicted to Pinterest. It’s so full of good recipes and ideas that you can see pictures of before you try the project.

With that said, I’ll share a few of my favorites!

Cheesy Chicken Enchilada
This was awesome! My fiancé and my home group leaders loved it so much. It is easy to make and it’s so full of flavor.

Pie Crust
I was tasked with making chocolate pie for Thanksgiving this year. I haven’t made a pie before…so I did a lot of Pinterest-ing. I found that this (after a few failed attempts) was the best recipe for pie crust! Here is the chocolate pie filling I used. I tried the pie crust recipe, but it didn’t work out so well…

As for non-food and recipes, we framed our builder grade mirrors with this tutorial . The mirrors turned out awesome! We only have the master bath left to complete.

Here’s a picture of our handy work! Not the best picture, but proof the Pinterest project wasn’t a fail!


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