define content

20 Oct
When you Google “define content,” you will get:
1. in a state of peaceful happiness.
1. satisfy (someone).
1. a state of satisfaction.


Being content is something that I have learned is learned. This is a constant struggle for me and most, if not all, people. To be content with what you have is tough. It always seems as though there is always more. Bigger house, new car, new things, etc. It is this inner competition with yourself and the others around you to have more.


Recently I have learned having new, bigger, better things won’t make me any happier than I already am. It might give me a moments worth of satisfaction and temporary happiness, but it won’t provide the joy (true happiness) and content that I am seeking. I have learned through experience and the grace of God that this temporary world won’t provide joy, only temporary happiness.


From my experiences, I see that joy is the being content with what I have, to enjoy the gifts of today, and to stop stressing about the yesterdays and tomorrows. Keeping these three things in mind have helped me overcome the endless cycle of being continually disappointed. I am working towards these day by day, as I am not perfect, and these are one of my many struggles.


The grace of God has allowed me to learn that this world is only temporary, and this world will only disappoint me if I allow myself to focus on all everything else but Him. As I walk closer and closer to Him, I have learned there is so much more than what kind of car you drive or the brand of clothing you wear. Those are so much the things that gives up temporary happiness, continual disappointments, and constant stress. I have learned the joy comes from not these things, but from staying focus on today and to continually seek the sweet gospel.


This blog is going to be about my imperfect-self seeking out and learning to be content with today and with what I have, and knowing I will be provided with what I need.

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